Steven Kasamis and his “Spartan Success!”


  1. Steven Kasamis      When did you (plan to) graduate and what was/is your major?

I graduated STAC in May of 2017 majoring in Sports Management.

  1.       How did you hear about your current job?

I was already employed by Mercedes-Benz at the time and had multiple connections in the business.

  1.       Can you tell me a little about this position?

I’m working as an Assistant Sales Manager, I determine whether or not a car makes sense to buy and then sell them accordingly to make a profit, I manage social media for the company including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, along with many other responsibilities.

  1.       Can you explain the Interview Process?

The Interview Process was very easy because I was already employed with the company.  My original interview went through a few different cycles ranging from over the phone, to in person interviewing.

  1.       Did you have an internship before this position and how useful was the internship?

Yes, I had multiple Internships through different companies ranging from Jaguar Land Rover of North America, to the Rockland Boulders.  Both of these places helped me gain experience to not only understand how different businesses work, but to understand different ways to talk to people.

  1.       Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

Career development helped me get two of my internships, as well as give me advice on how to get a job and improve my resume.

  1.       Can you tell us about some of your current responsibilities / roles?

I handle lease returns and determine whether or not it would make sense to buy them.  Buy and sell cars at a profit.  Manage Social Media Accounts ranging from Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.  I also go on Test Drives with customers and advise them on features in the cars that they may not know about.

  1.       What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

I like the fact that I can create relationships with clients as well as use my creativity in my work.

  1.    What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for a job or internship?

The biggest word of advice I can give to other students is to Network and meet people.  99% of the time you will get a job is because you networked to other people.  Use LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to talk to people.


#MySpartanSuccess Tina Hamamciyan


454041When do you plan to graduate and what is your major?

I am currently a Junior so I will be graduating in May of 2018. My major is Accounting and I have a minor is Economics.

Can you tell me a little about your internship?

Right now I am interning at a small accounting firm in New City called Feldstein and Stewart. I am their first intern ever, and am classified as a “junior accountant.”

How did you hear about this position?

Professor Van Pelt actually told me about this opportunity. He had worked with one of the partners a while back and asked if they had any openings for internships.

Can you explain the Interview Process?

My interview process was fairly simple. I was interviewed by both partners of the firm. They asked me a couple questions like “Tell me about yourself?”, “What accounting classes have you taken so far, and what have you learned from each?”  This enabled me to share my academic experience, whilst incorporating my background knowledge of Microsoft Excel and quickbooks.

Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

I have to give credit to Professor Van Pelt on assisting me with this internship, but the Career Development Office have been extremely helping in other ways.  Career Development helped edit my resume so it is in good shape for when I apply to any future internships. I had also reached out to the office before I got this internship and they gave me great suggestions on websites to check out when applying to internships.

Can you tell us about some of your current responsibilities / roles?

As I said I am classified as a “junior accountant” so no coffee runs or filing is in my title thankfully. I work A LOT with quickbooks, so this means lots of bank reconciliations. I also do payroll for companies that use our payroll through quickbooks.

What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

I’ve done a little of everything so I don’t particularly have a favorite as of right now. My favorite experience so far though was coming upstairs for the first time seeing where I would be working. I have my own room, dual desktop, and phone. All of this just makes you feel very important and appreciated.

What do you plan to do after the Internship?

I plan to use this internship as my base for my resume. I would love to intern at one of the Big 4 Accounting firms after this and eventually try to get a job there as well. I also plan on getting my CPA after I graduate so I can have more of a chance working for the Big 4 one day.

What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for an Internship?

I suggest that you take advantage of the resources around you. Talk to your professors and see who they know and how they can help you. Most want to help the students they see potential in so make good impressions and show you care. Whether it be in or outside of the classroom. STAC has some great resources and many successful people that have graduated here. Get involved in clubs, mentoring programs, and go to the programs they provide (internship fairs, speakers, bloomberg trips, ect..)

#MySpartanSuccess with Kevin Alvora

  1. When do you plan to graduate and what is your major?Kevin

I am a part of the three-two program for Mechanical Engineering, so I plan on graduating in May 2020 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from STAC and my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College.

  1. Can you tell me a little about the internship?

I interned at a business called DBS. This is a building consultant company in Manhattan. Last summer I worked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a condo conversion project.

  1. How did you hear about this position?

My brother was an intern there a few years before me and I was introduced to the company by him. It helped him with his career, so I am hoping it will help me with mine.

  1. Can you explain the Interview Process?

I had to send in my resume in May of 2016, and then was selected to continue the process by having an individual meeting. I had a one-on-one interview with the CEO of the company. After this interview, I received a call about a week later. I was offered the position and I started in late May.

  1. Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

Personally, I did not go to Career Development about this internship, as it was a very last minute decision to apply. I was lucky enough to receive the internship, but I do encourage everyone to attend Career Development if possible because it is a very useful tool many don’t take advantage of.

  1. Can you tell us about some of your current responsibilities / roles?

As an intern, I would walk through the building that was being converted and gather information for the companies that were performing this conversion. I would take measurements that would determine the amount of supplies ordered to be used during construction.   I would also create documents that were used to determine many details on the building. These would be sent out to different companies to either bid on the construction or continue what was originally done.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

My favorite part of this internship is the amount of trust that is put into my hands. There are times where the documents aren’t even reviewed and they are sent out to big construction companies.  Thousands of dollars in products would be purchased because of the calculations that I would make. My role within the company was valuable and that’s why this internship means so much to me.

  1. What do you plan to do after the Internship?

I plan to get a job in this field in some way. This internship is a very educational experience, which will help me decide what type of career I want to pursue.

  1. What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for an Internship?

My advice to others is to start looking for internships as soon as possible. I started my internship after my freshman year and I feel like the experience was irreplaceable. It has given me not just technical skills but also social skills. Using the career development at STAC will guide people in the right direction and give everybody the best opportunity to succeed.

#MySpartanSuccess with Sabrina Salvesen

433791) My name is Sabrina Salvesen I am a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas perusing a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. I am hoping to graduate at the end of the Fall 2017 semester in December.

2) For the past year I have been interning with the Rockland Boulders minor league Can-Am baseball team. I am specifically interning in the Promotions department of the Boulders team. Our job is to follow through with on-field promotions and events during the games throughout the season consisting of different activities. During the off season, I participated in their off-season fall event ‘Field of Screamz’. ‘Field of Screamz’ is a haunted house that the stadium hosts every year in October. A little after the baseball season ending, construction for the haunted house begins.  I assisted in the construction and acting of the haunted house. After the Field of Screamz ends, we were responsible for breaking down the haunted house and promotions begins to pick up. After the haunted house, promotions consists of working with companies to sponsor our giveaways and organize different on field sponsored events and activities.

3) I found out about the internship at the Rockland Boulders through a girl in my Business Law class last spring. I was discussing how I was looking for an internship for the summer, and she explained how Boulders was a fun internship where I would get to be outside all summer, but also learn a lot in the area of professional sports. While professional sports didn’t really interest me much, I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and gain new experiences.

4) The interview process was interesting because it did not take long at all. Here at STAC I actually met with the Promotions manager at our College Internship/Job fair. I introduced myself and we spoke for 10-20 minutes and he explained the different type of internships the stadium has to offer for college students. I was excited to learn more about what the Boulders had to offer, along with the fun experience of getting to know professional sports. At the end of our conversation I ended up giving him a copy of my resume and proceeded to follow up with him the next day with a ‘thank you’ email. Christian emailed me back and said he enjoyed our conversation as well and would like to talk more by setting up a phone interview. A week later I had a phone interview with him and he asked me a series of questions about me and why I choose the Boulders as a place to intern. Our phone conversation was about 20 minutes, and I closed my interview with a question asking how he went from being an intern to the Promotions Manager. Not long after he sent me an email I had been chosen as a candidate to intern for the upcoming summer. The process took less than two and a half weeks and was very professional.

5) STAC has helped me a lot actually, not only did I find out about this internship through a fellow colleague, but the Job Fair also assisted me in getting to talk to recruiters and introduced me to Christian. STAC has also helped me revise my resume and clean up on my interview skills as well.

6) Some of my responsibilities now in the off season is to email clients, other employers, and co-workers. Along with being in the office, I am also partaking in some of the Boulders events to promote for our upcoming season. This involves parades handing out schedules, fairs providing information about our team and stadium, and engaging with fans. There are times where I will overview documents and double check papers for mistakes and sit in on meetings.

7) My favorite experience so far is spending the entire season with the Boulders and having fans recognize my face and know my name. Some of them even thanked me and hugged me at the end of the season for a great time. It’s nice to make that connection with people and knowing you helped make their time at the stadium fun by just being energetic and happy.

8) While I love working for the Rockland Boulders, after this internship, I plan on taking on another internship or job in the hotel business hopefully. I’ve experienced professional sports, retail, and sales. It’s time to gain a new experience!

9) Advice I have for other STAC students? Hmm… Push yourself. If you’re unsure of what type of internship you’re looking for, just pick one that sounds fun and interesting. Doesn’t matter if it’s in your major or not. Interning is all about learning and gaining new experiences to figure out what you like and don’t like. I knew nothing about baseball when I first started interning with the Boulders, now I’m yelling at the umpires that the pitcher threw a ball instead of a strike. Some college students don’t know what they want to do after college, and the best way to figure it out is by interning! So don’t be afraid, take that leap and step out of your comfort zone! Gain new experiences, try new things, learn more and be open. You never know, you might end up loving it!

#MySpartanSuccess Interview with Carolyn Kopf

When do you plan to graduate and what is your major?

I am a part of the five-year accounting program, so I plan on graduating in May 2018 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences and then my Master’s Degree in Business Administration the following year. I am majoring in Accounting and have a minor in Mathematics.

21124145791_dd90bd85bb_oCan you tell me a little about the internship?

I interned at PKF O’Connor Davies LLC. It is a top 25 accounting firm located in Westchester, NY. I worked in the government auditing division within the company.

How did you hear about this position?

One of the partners of the firm contacted me to see if I had any interest in interning for the summer.

Can you explain the Interview Process?

I had to send in my resume in September of 2015, and then was selected to continue the interview process in October. I had a one-on-one interview with a partner in the government division that October. Then, I had follow-up phone and interview questions before I was offered the position in January. Then I began the internship in June of 2016.

Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

I went to Career Development in September to tailor my resume to this specific internship to better my chances of getting selected. Only 12 interns are chosen for the summer, so Career Development really helped me put myself in the best position possible to get the job.

Can you tell us about some of your current responsibilities / roles?

As an auditor, I traveled each week to a new client. I was in the government division, so my clients included towns, villages and school districts. On the audit, I was in charge of accounts including cash, encumbrances, subsequent receipts and disbursements and accounts receivables. I also worked on budgets during the internship where I analyzed contractual expenditures, utilities, repairs and maintenance, space rental and debt service. I assisted with writing and preparing the budget reviews for clients. I also assisted researching way for the company to expand its Healthcare Department.

What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

My favorite part of the position it the great community I have become a part of. I love the work I get to do, but working on a team has given me something to look forward to in my career. My favorite experience so far was working on my intern project. All 12 of the interns created a presentation that we then presented to the partners of the firm, displaying ways to expand and grow the company.

What do you plan to do after the Internship?

I was asked to return again this summer to continue my internship for a second year, which I am looking forward to greatly. I hope to grow my relationship with this company and hopefully continue working here while I complete my Master’s Degree at STAC.

What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for an Internship?

My advice for STAC students looking for an internship would be to start early. It’s never too early to ask around for possible job opportunities. I got my first internship the summer after my sophomore year and I am so thankful that I started growing my resume early because it has helped set me apart from other candidates in my field.


My Spartan Success with Caitlin Zungoli

#MySpartanSuccess Interview with Caitlin Zungoli

Conducted by Laurie Child


FullSizeRenderCaitlin graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Finance, and a minor in Math.  With her hard work and always positive attitude, Caitlin was a big hit around campus ultimately leading to great opportunities and success. This was made evident by referrals for internships; after taking a class with Dr. Orenstein, Caitlin was recommended and hired as a Wealth Management and Financial Services Intern with UBS in Paramus, NJ. In her senior year, Caitlin was contacted for an internship with Cross River Fiber (a start-up telecommunications company) by former adjunct, Professor Sokota.  After graduation this internship turned into a full time position as a financial analyst, making her the 9th full time employee with the company.

Caitlin is currently working at BMW as a business planning analyst after stumbling across the position on LinkedIn.  Seeing the headquarters first thing on her previous everyday commute, she was very excited about this opening, realizing the opportunity and desire to always work there.  LinkedIn directed her to the company’s website through which she was able to complete the application process.  Within two weeks was contacted to set up an interview.  The interview was a 2 step process; first with two members of the team she would be working with, then after hearing back, the department manager and the retail network manager.  Caitlin obviously made a great impression, and was quickly followed up with a job offer, pending a background check and drug test. She could not have been more excited!

A few months after being hired, she went to orientation in Jersey City, where BMW imports its cars.  At the end of orientation, they returned to headquarters where she was able to network with others in the company and learn about other areas of the brand. Some of the many benefits of working with BMW include: working aboard, discounted leasing options, health and retirement benefits, and getting the first glimpse at new vehicles and upcoming projects.  As business planning analyst, Caitlin is responsible for over 400 BMW and MINI dealers, working with their financial statements to create national and regional reports.  At year end she is also responsible for the dealer accounting manual and informing dealers of their working capital requirements to name a few things.  Let’s just say that the great perks don’t come for free!

Caitlin has some great advice, and urges everyone to realize that nothing is out of reach. When applying to BMW they had 400 other applicants on Linkedin alone.  Always be personable! You never know who and when someone might be able to help you!  By leveraging and working with her professors she was offered multiple internships, one leading to a full time job position.  Caitlin expresses the importance of internships and how they were a vital key to her success.  Internships give you the much needed real world experience, but with the ability to learn what you like and dislike in a position or a particular field.

Strive to be successful, both in and out of the classroom, your GPA is important but so are extracurricular activities.  Caitlin’s time at STAC was filled with extracurricular activities that helped build her resume.  Most highlighted was the Business club in which she went on to became President.  Part of her responsibility while President included planning speakers to come and present.  This really encouraged her to leverage LinkedIn and the people she had met throughout her college career to fully reap the benefits of networking and help others network as well.   A great way to build your resume and create connections is to utilize Career Development and take advantage of their events like resume writing workshops, Dining Etiquette and Recruit Westchester just as she had.

She recognized early on the importance of building relationships with professors by being friendly and attentive. They will notice and recommend you for events and leadership opportunities.  She advises to always sit front and center to make sure the professors know you are engaged and focused on the topic at hand.  These small yet effective details led Caitlin to internships, academic awards, but most importantly valuable experiences that made her the most qualified applicant for the job!

#MySpartanSuccess with Victoria Perrotta

St Thomas Aquinas College

When do you plan to graduate and what is your major?

I plan on graduating in May of 2017 with a Bachelors in Arts and Science. My major is Finance with a double Minor in economics and social media marketing.

Can you tell me about your internship?

I worked for Sterling National Bank in a Co-Op opportunity in the Spring semester of 2016. The Co-Op takes the place of courses; I went to work at the bank instead of attending class. I worked through three departments within their headquarters; Finance department, Wire Transfer department and Automated Clearing House department. Each department taught me something different about the functionality and the dynamics of the bank.

How did you hear about the position?

After working as a career ambassador for the past two years I have developed close relationships with Mrs. Mulhern and Mrs. Vota. I was approached with the opportunity by Mrs. Vota and I immediately jumped on board with the Co-Op process.

Can you explain the Interview Process?

There was only one interview with the Sterling National Bank Educational director. We met at the bank and she asked me questions based upon my resume and why I felt I would be a good fit for the bank. I was asked situational questions and how I would react to them.

What were some of your current responsibilities / roles?

Within each department I held different roles. In the finance department I worked creating and posting journal entries,
reviewing the 10k, preparing journal entries for the general ledger, assembled journal entries for the auditing department, and reviewed worked on financial systems to find discrepancies within the programs for the general ledger. Within the Wire Transfer Department, I worked on incoming wire to the bank, I made sure they went to the correct accounts if there were wrong account numbers listed, I looked over fraudulent wires, and I prepared and sent out drawdowns. Lastly, Within the ACH department I did not hold a specific function I merely watched and observed my co-workers about the functionality and the importance of the department. All three departments had important skill sets that I can now take away with me to any new job role.

Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

The Career Development Office has been my biggest advocated since freshman year. I joined the team in the end of my spring of freshman year and have been provided with every material needed to be successful. I created a resume with Mrs. Mulhern which has grown with me throughout college, I have attended many if not all of the events offered. These events have helped to provide me with professional development and business etiquette skills. The advice and tips I have received from the Career Development Office is invaluable. 

What was your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what was your favorite experience?

My favorite part of working for the Sterling National Bank was knowing that my work was valuable at the company. I was preforming the same job functions as others and I was preforming at their caliber. Within the Finance department I was looking over the company’s 10k and finding miscalculations, I was sending out large sums of Wires in and out of the bank, I was preparing entries for the internal audit department. My role within the company was valuable.

What are you doing now?

As a senior I am currently applying for jobs and I am confident with this work experience now on my resume that I will be called in for Interviews.

What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for an Internship?

My advice to others is to take opportunities before it is too late. Having my internship gave me more experience than I had ever expected, not just technical skills but communication skills. Networking with your professors at STAC can lead to potential opportunities. They have internships and offer them to students that they know and trust will do good work.