Now, it’s her turn! Erin Albin on her Student Teaching thus far…


1.     When did you (plan to) graduate and what was/is your major?

I will be graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Education in May of 2018. I studied Childhood Education 1-6 and received a Middle School Extension to extend my certification up through ninth grade. I am also apart of the Five Year Dual Degree program in which I will also obtain my Masters of Science in Special Education in May 2019.

2.     How did you hear about your current job?

I am currently Student Teaching and through the support of the local school districts, our amazing School of Education, and Clinical Experience Director, I was able to get a placement in the schools I went to as a child.

3.     Can you tell me a little about this position?

Student Teaching has been the ultimate learning experience. It has allowed me to put what I have learned at STAC from classroom work to fieldwork, into action. Working side by side with cooperating teachers I have begun to flourish and have watched myself grow as a teacher. After this it is my hope to further my teaching experience and my relationships in local districts by applying to be a daily or long term substitute or even a full time teacher if the opportunity arises, while I complete graduate school and move towards a lifetime teaching career.

4.     Can you explain the Interview Process?

The student teaching interview process is unique. It varies from school to school, district to district. The School of Education and the Clinical Experience director support you 100% and make sure you are prepared. Checklists and check ins are a big part of the lead up to the final submission of you Student Teaching paperwork. I was grateful to have so much support.

5.     Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

Career Development is a huge asset to our campus. Prior to submitting my student teaching paperwork I had Maureen and her wonderful staff look over my resume and help me build and appropriate cover letter to send along with my papers to the district. The support from the entire STAC community especially the School of Education and all their staff was comforting and much appreciated.

7.     Can you tell us about some of your current responsibilities / roles?

Student teaching has been an amazing journey thus far. I have been able to plan and execute lessons in different subjects, attend meetings with the grade level team and meetings with the faculty, interact with students, and so much more.

8.     What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

So far, my favorite thing about student teaching has been watching the growth of the students and figuring out how to accommodate multiple learners. Its amazing to see in action how kids learn and how differently they learn and then being able to go back to the drawing board and say “Okay, that worked for this child but not so much for that one, what am I going to do about that?”

9.     What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for a job or internship/student teaching?

Use your resources! Talk to Maureen, get out in the community, look for opportunities, go to the career fair! Specifically for  School of Education students, follow the Student Teaching checklist, get your Professional Developments done early, take your certification exams.

10. What surprised you the most about student teaching?

What surprised me the most about student teaching is truly how much I felt prepared. I shouldn’t say it surprised me, I knew I would be prepared because STAC has an excellent reputation and I know my curriculum classes and professors extended so much knowledge that I was going to be just fine. But getting in the classroom, putting it all together. I felt confident, not a moment of doubt or nervousness like I expected to have embarking on a new journey, I was comfortable and I was able to feel that way because of the amazing preparation I had.

11. Where are you student teaching and what grades? 

I am student teaching in SOCSD and am currently in my first placement with 2nd graders and in March will move to my second placement with 4th graders.


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