Are You Prepared for Your Next Interview?


Verizon Wireless gave us some tips to ace both a phone interview and a sit down interview!

Here are 10 of the best tips I found when reading through their presentation:

  1. Be on time
  2. Dress Appropriately
  3. Be confident, not arrogant
  4. Be ready to sell yourself
  5. Ask informed questions about the position offered or organization
  6. Avoid saying phrases such as “I can’t,” “I hated,” or “I Failed to”
  7. Be aware of gestures with the interviewer, eye contact, breathing, rate of speech, vocal, confidence, and posture
  8. Avoid giving yes or no answers
  9. When the interview is over, voice your gratitude, give a firm handshake, and depart respectfully
  10. Tell the truth!


Source: Verizon & The Career Development Office

Nicole Donini’s #SpartanSuccess!

Meet, Nicole Donini! She is here to tell us a little bit about all of her success here at STAC!


When did you (plan to) graduate and what was/is your major?

I plan to graduate May 2018 with a degree in accounting.

Can you tell me a little about the internship?

Over the summer I interned with KPMG in their Montvale office.  During my internship, I learned all the background work of the company.  For the summer, I worked on analyzing the top 2200 clients of KPMG.  Typically, as an accounting major, you think there is only audit or tax.  This work was looking at how the audit and tax functions drove in the most revenue.  It was explained as having KPMG as your client instead of working for other clients.

How did you hear about this position?

I heard about this position through the KPMG Mentorship Program here at STAC.  I was introduced to my mentor my sophomore year and have stayed in touch ever since.  I got to intern under him this past summer.

Can you explain the Interview Process?

There was a 2-step interview.  First was a phone interview.  For about 45 I was on the phone with a KPMG recruiter.  This interview was a very easy/casual interview.  It was about getting to know my interests and me.  Next was the in-person interview.  I went to the KPMG office and got interviewed by two people.  This part was your typical interview.  The interviewers asking me questions about my previous internship and myself asking questions about the firm.

Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

Career development introduced me to the mentorship program.  Without them, I wouldn’t have met my mentor who was able to help me with this incredible experience.

Can you tell us about some of your current responsibilities / roles?

I don’t have any current roles. The internship ended in August.

What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

During the summer months, we had to do monthly reports.  All the new numbers came out the first week of each month. It was so exciting to see how the numbers changed from month to month.  Basically, all the reports processes were the same each time but it felt different because you were dealing with different numbers.

What do you plan to do after the Internship?

I plan to line up another internship with KPMG for summer 2018 in their NYC office.  I will also begin my MBA after graduation and start my CPA test.

What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for an Internship?

My advice to other STAC students would be to not be scared and go for it.  Originally, I thought it would be close to impossible to land an internship with a big four accounting firm.  We come from a small school and the competition is hard out there.  Go to networking events; meet as many people as you can.  Believe it or not, people want to help.  Career Development helped me with the program and my mentor helped me with the internship.




































Considering the Disney College Program?


Meet Theresa McKenna, a fellow STAC student who participated in the Disney College Program!

She’s here to answer some of our questions, and help future Spartans who are interested in the Disney College Program.

What was the reason you wanted to participate in the Disney College Program?

I wanted to participate in the Disney College Program because I would like to work for Disney in the graphic design field, and this is a good way to get my foot in the door.

How many times did you apply before you were accepted into the program?

I applied to the program once before I was accepted.

Did you apply for the Fall, Spring, Fall Advantage or Spring Advantage program?

I applied for the Fall program.

You applied for the program to begin after you graduated from STAC.  Are you happy with that decision?  Why or why not?

I am happy with the decision to apply for the program start after my graduation because I did not want to miss out on any college experiences or classes. Since I am finished with school, I don’t have to worry about other classes or homework in addition to my job.

Please describe your day of arrival.

On the day I arrived, I checked in to my housing complex at 8 in the morning. I was able to quickly move my things in before I had to go to an introductory class called Traditions. Here, they finalized everything that would enable me to work. It took about an hour, and then I had the rest of the day to move in, meet my roommates, and get food and supplies.

Did you get to choose where you would live?  Which housing complex did you choose (or get assigned to) and what was it like?

Before I came down for the program, I was sent a registration email for housing and was asked to rank my complex and room size preferences. There was no guarantee I would get what I chose. Out of four housing complexes, I ended up being placed in Chatham Square in a 2-bedroom, 6-person suite. It has a kitchen, a small dining area, and a small common area for all of us to share. The housing complex itself has 30 buildings, as well as laundry facilities, a gym, a field, and a pool.

Did you choose where you would work at Disney?  Did you choose the job?

While filling out the application, I was able to put down preferences of what I wanted to do while in the program. I chose children’s activities, merchandise, monorail greeter, boutique worker, and recreation. There was no option to choose where in Disney I wanted to work. They place you where they need you.

What job did you end up with?

I ended up working merchandise at All Star Movies resort in Donald’s Double Feature gift shop.

What do you like best about your job?  Least?

The best part about my job is my coworkers, and getting to interact with all the guests every day. I meet so many people and get to talk to them a little bit and try to make their stay a little more magical.

About how many hours per week do you work?

I work between 30 and 38 hours a week. My schedule is different every week.

Do you have an opportunity to work in your career field of interest?

In my current position, I don’t think I have an opportunity to work in my career field of interest. I have to network more.

Have you taken any of the Disney courses?  If yes, which ones?  Anything interesting you want to share?

I have not taken any of the Disney courses.

What are some of the perks for participating in the Disney College Program?  (Ex. Free tickets to the park, meals, activities, etc…)

Some of the perks of participating in the Disney College Program include free admission into the parks whenever I want, discounts on food and merchandise, and free guest tickets.

Anything else you’d like to share?

The program is a lot of work, but it’s a ton of fun!


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