#MySpartanSuccess with Sabrina Salvesen

433791) My name is Sabrina Salvesen I am a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas perusing a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. I am hoping to graduate at the end of the Fall 2017 semester in December.

2) For the past year I have been interning with the Rockland Boulders minor league Can-Am baseball team. I am specifically interning in the Promotions department of the Boulders team. Our job is to follow through with on-field promotions and events during the games throughout the season consisting of different activities. During the off season, I participated in their off-season fall event ‘Field of Screamz’. ‘Field of Screamz’ is a haunted house that the stadium hosts every year in October. A little after the baseball season ending, construction for the haunted house begins.  I assisted in the construction and acting of the haunted house. After the Field of Screamz ends, we were responsible for breaking down the haunted house and promotions begins to pick up. After the haunted house, promotions consists of working with companies to sponsor our giveaways and organize different on field sponsored events and activities.

3) I found out about the internship at the Rockland Boulders through a girl in my Business Law class last spring. I was discussing how I was looking for an internship for the summer, and she explained how Boulders was a fun internship where I would get to be outside all summer, but also learn a lot in the area of professional sports. While professional sports didn’t really interest me much, I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and gain new experiences.

4) The interview process was interesting because it did not take long at all. Here at STAC I actually met with the Promotions manager at our College Internship/Job fair. I introduced myself and we spoke for 10-20 minutes and he explained the different type of internships the stadium has to offer for college students. I was excited to learn more about what the Boulders had to offer, along with the fun experience of getting to know professional sports. At the end of our conversation I ended up giving him a copy of my resume and proceeded to follow up with him the next day with a ‘thank you’ email. Christian emailed me back and said he enjoyed our conversation as well and would like to talk more by setting up a phone interview. A week later I had a phone interview with him and he asked me a series of questions about me and why I choose the Boulders as a place to intern. Our phone conversation was about 20 minutes, and I closed my interview with a question asking how he went from being an intern to the Promotions Manager. Not long after he sent me an email I had been chosen as a candidate to intern for the upcoming summer. The process took less than two and a half weeks and was very professional.

5) STAC has helped me a lot actually, not only did I find out about this internship through a fellow colleague, but the Job Fair also assisted me in getting to talk to recruiters and introduced me to Christian. STAC has also helped me revise my resume and clean up on my interview skills as well.

6) Some of my responsibilities now in the off season is to email clients, other employers, and co-workers. Along with being in the office, I am also partaking in some of the Boulders events to promote for our upcoming season. This involves parades handing out schedules, fairs providing information about our team and stadium, and engaging with fans. There are times where I will overview documents and double check papers for mistakes and sit in on meetings.

7) My favorite experience so far is spending the entire season with the Boulders and having fans recognize my face and know my name. Some of them even thanked me and hugged me at the end of the season for a great time. It’s nice to make that connection with people and knowing you helped make their time at the stadium fun by just being energetic and happy.

8) While I love working for the Rockland Boulders, after this internship, I plan on taking on another internship or job in the hotel business hopefully. I’ve experienced professional sports, retail, and sales. It’s time to gain a new experience!

9) Advice I have for other STAC students? Hmm… Push yourself. If you’re unsure of what type of internship you’re looking for, just pick one that sounds fun and interesting. Doesn’t matter if it’s in your major or not. Interning is all about learning and gaining new experiences to figure out what you like and don’t like. I knew nothing about baseball when I first started interning with the Boulders, now I’m yelling at the umpires that the pitcher threw a ball instead of a strike. Some college students don’t know what they want to do after college, and the best way to figure it out is by interning! So don’t be afraid, take that leap and step out of your comfort zone! Gain new experiences, try new things, learn more and be open. You never know, you might end up loving it!


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