#MySpartanSuccess Amanda Lawrence

  1. img_0774When did you graduate and what was your major?

I graduated in May 2016, I majored in Accounting and had a minor in economics.

  1. How did you hear about your current job?

I was informed by both Maureen Mulhern and Mary Vota that a former Alumni had sent over the job posting to the school.

  1. Can you explain the Interview Process?

My first interview was in the regional office I was going to be working in. I was interviewed simultaneously by the regional director of my division and the lead auditor in the office. They mainly asked me about previous experience, to give them scenarios in which I had to use skills like teamwork/critical thinking/ problem solving. They had my resume in front of them, but wanted know more details about the things that were listed on it. They were also very interested as to why I wanted this exact position, what was so special that made me want to work for them.

My second interview was in our NYC office in which I was interviewed on by two of the head attorneys I would be working with. They asked me more detailed questions about classes I had taken, they asked about the writing sample I had given them and the process in which I made my analysis in the piece. They also asked me for examples of things I had done that were not on my resume, personal experiences that I had that have shaped who I am today and what my goals were. This is where I was able to talk about winning the IACBE Case Competition, which I feel gave me an advantage to show the skills outlined on my resume.

  1. Can you tell me a little about the position?

I work for the NYS Attorney General as an Auditor Investigator in their Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Civil Division. Our cases can be against individual providers, health groups, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and drug manufacturers. I get assigned cases that are brought to us by what we call a “whistleblower” someone that has personal knowledge of the fraud that happening, a lot of times this is a former or current employee. Assigned to the case are an Attorney, Lead Auditor, Consulting Auditor and Investigator. After reading the complaint we consult with each other on what we think the best plan of action is and create our investigative plan. I work primarily at my office, but depending on the case I can be brought into the field to go on interviews and interrogations.

  1. Can you share some of your current responsibilities / roles?

As an auditor I have to look into the medical billings pertaining to each case. I analyze the data that we receive and put it into spreadsheets to provide evidence for the attorney in the case. We look at multiple fields like prescription counts, procedural totals and drug totals. We use comparison techniques to analyze the data and see if there is actual fraud occurring and whether or not it is consistent with the complaint.

I am also training to be part of the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units. This team is comprised of auditors and attorneys throughout the country to work on cases that are on a global basis.

  1. Did you have an internship before this position and how useful was the internship/s?

Yes, I had an internship with GKG CPAs for the 2014 and 2015 tax seasons in their Newburgh, NY office. Although I was working on taxes while I was there I still gained a lot of knowledge and truly believe it helped me with my future. I had my first real interview with this company so I knew what to expect when interviewing for my current job. I also learned what it was like to work in an office atmosphere. Working in the tax field also gave me the opportunity to see one side of the accounting field and it helped me realize that, that was not the direction in which I wanted to go.

  1. Did Career Development/STAC help you in anyway?

Career Development and STAC both helped me tremendously. I was president of the business club my junior and senior year and every event we held pushed me farther in my career; learning to speak in front of groups, team work, learning how to use the Bloomberg terminals all aspects of the business club pushed me to where I am today.  I was also the interviewee during the mock interview which was an immense help when I went in for my interview. I also visited Mrs. Mulhern multiple times for her to help me with my resume and interview tactics. Many professors were also a great help to my success by giving me recommendations and just being there to answer any questions I had. STAC has been very successful within this office, out of the 4 auditors in my office, 3 are STAC graduates, including myself.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of the position, can you give an example of what has been your favorite experience so far?

One thing I really love about my job is that every day is different. Each case has its own problems to solve and data to analyze. I am constantly learning new investigative techniques and different ways to analyze data.

My favorite experience so far was a few months after I started I went on my first case interview and it was one of the coolest experiences. I was able to work with the investigative team to prepare questions in order to get all the information that we needed.

  1. What advice do you have for other STAC students looking for a job or internship?

My advice would be to make sure you truly research the company and position you are applying for. You want to love what you do and a lot of the factors that will influence that are based on the values of the company. Sit down before applying and make out a list of the things that you really want in a job and items that you do not want.

Make sure you are involved, they want to see more than just your grades and the skills you list on your resume. They want to know how you use these skills, what makes you stand out. STAC and the Career Development office give you plenty of ways to get involved and I highly recommend doing so. You not only will have more things to talk about during the interview process, but you will gain knowledge about who you are and what you want, so when talking about these experiences and yourself, you will have confidence.